Ma femme s'offre à tous

Ma femme s’offre à tous

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These mature women know no limits! Do not hesitate to come and take advantage of their great experience in terms of sex!
To get what they want or for pure pleasure, Caroline and Britt Angel spend their time using their many talents in terms of blowjobs, hardcore fucking and anal sex. These two are never satisfied, they always need more!
In order to get a new apartment, Caroline will have to show a pervert with what dexterity she is capable of sucking his big cock and welcoming it into her tight little anus. One thing is certain, it is far from displeasing to him!
She liked it so much that, a few days later, she called the same man again to introduce him to Julia, a young brunette with a magnificent body who was also particularly into sodomy. The ensuing anal threesome will be of rare sexual intensity!
Britt is a fearless Dutch girl. She regularly exhibits herself in public to attract voyeurs and catch them in her net. Today, two complete strangers will be able to take advantage of all her orifices and her vast experience.

Genre: Adult
Duration: 90 Min

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